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ScaleMote trains high quality developers offshore and teams them up with experienced project managers and software architects, allowing startups to scale within their budget.

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The problem

We know how hard it is to scale your business as a founder with limited budget and time. If you have any of the following problems, we hear you.

Expensive talent

The average pre-seed investment in Australia is $30 to $100k, but local Software Engineers or traditional development agencies cost more. The alternative to this is freelancers which are risky.

Non-tech background

If you don't have a tech background, it can be difficult to know who to hire or what tools to use.

Product bottleneck

You built something but it isn't scaling anymore, it was built with low quality, or your agency is not responding anymore.

Our method

ScaleMote makes sense out of your technology needs, and recommends solutions that will give you the most value within your budget.

Don't reinvent the wheel

We don't ask you to throw everything away and build a bespoke solution from day one.

You should only build your IP, what is unique to your company, the rest you should buy or borrow as much as possible.

If there are tools that you can leverage to get started quickly, we will recommend them to you.

Rock-solid Software Engineering

We implement industry best practices across the SDLC to deliver robust products that can scale with your business needs.

Clean Code, Clean Architecture, Automated Tests, Automated Deployments and Monitoring. Get access to an enterprise-grade software solution that meets your budget.

You're not locked in

We accept the changing-nature of startups as opposed to spending time defining a detailed plan that is likely to change.

We build your product 1 sprint at a time.

Month-on-month commitment, cancel with 30 days notice.

Our Services

ScaleMote specialises in software engineering projects for early-stage startups. We use the JavaScript + TypeScript stack, hosted on either AWS or Azure.

Web Applications

ScaleMote can build simple or complex web applications that you can use as a foundation for when you scale up. We follow rock-solid engineering best practices to get the job done.

Mobile Applications

ScaleMote leverages React Native to create mobile applications that you can deploy on both iOS and Android without having to build them separately.

Stellar Blockchain
Stellar Blockchain Applications

ScaleMote is an expert Stellar Blockchain development agency. Learn more about Stellar Flow, our open-source no-code workflow builder for Stellar.

Brownfield Applications

ScaleMote can work with, or improve your current systems. We make sure they are built with the correct standards and give you a remediation roadmap if they're not.
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Our work

ScaleMote removes barriers for early-stage startups. We love to help you get your company going!

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Latest projects

ScaleMote services customers in different industries across the world

KometPay FinTech


KometPay is an easy tool to manage funds between the USA and Latin America. ScaleMote built the entire system from scratch, including the integration with the Stellar Blockchain.

KometPay logo
LotTrackr PropTech


The all-in-one app to manage land sales projects. ScaleMote built the integration with, as well as various features on top of the existing solution.

LotTrackr logo


Mantaray provides companies with effective data and tools to inform their supplier selection, without replacing the human element. ScaleMote went from idea to MVP.

Mantaray Climate logo
Zenn SaaS/Design


Zenn lets you effortlessly create a powerful brand. ScaleMote reviewed the cloud infrastructure and cut costs by 50%, documented the entire solution and put Zenn's founder back in control of their own project. Feature-wise, ScaleMote worked on a dynamic logo generator.

Zenn logo
Stellar Flow Blockchain


No-code/Low-code platform to build drag&drop workflows on the Stellar blockchain. This is part of ScaleMoteX -- our own innovation hub.

Stellar Flow logo

Our rates

Get your own development team for as little as $2,000/mo + GST. ScaleMote offers predictable rates so you can focus on scaling your business. All prices are in USD. For pre-seed start-ups, we offer a 50% discount until you either raise $ or get revenue (prices shown include the pre-seed discount)

Starter plan
$ 2,000 /mo + GST
  • Ideal for part-time founders or simple projects
  • Shared team
  • E-mail updates every fortnight
  • Two 1-hour workshops to define the scope
Start building
Scale plan
$ 3,500 /mo + GST
  • Ideal for full-time founders or complex projects
  • Dedicated team
  • 2 full-time developers
  • 1 project manager
  • Daily access to PM (slack, e-mail, video call)
  • Fortnightly live demo
  • Support from our software architects and lead engineers
  • Marketing automation team included
Start building
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We are ScaleMote

ScaleMote is a purpose-driven company that trains high quality developers in LATAM and teams them up with experienced project managers and software architects, allowing startups to scale within their budget while improving the livelihoods of our graduates.

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r/Argentina-programa, where our dream starts is our free flagship course, changing lives since 2019.

ScaleMote is helping people change their lives in developing countries (Argentina) by teaching them programming from scratch, 100% free and following industry best practices since 2019.

When you hire ScaleMote for your tech needs, you get rock-solid engineering work delivered, and you're helping shape the future of our graduates.